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Pet Portrait Ornament

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Preserve the memory of a beloved pet with a custom pet portrait oil painting

Furred, feathered, fluffy, bald, and scaled.  The pets in your life may come in any of these forms. Regardless  - you love them! If you are looking to memorialize a beloved pet, give a gift to a fellow pet lover, or you are just wanting an adorable painting of your fur-kiddo - these pet portrait ornaments may be a great fit for you!

Looking for decoration ideas? Where would you possibly hang an ornament like this? Well, a Christmas tree is a great place during the holiday season. The rest of the year, they look great hanging on a wall with other photos or plant décor. Since this is a smaller painting, it looks best centered with other decorations or else it would get "lost" on a big wall by itself. 


The details:

Your pet portrait painting will be hand painted on a wooden circle ornament with oil paint that measures approx. 3x3 inches with 1 inch depth.  You may choose to have it hung from a satin red ribbon (great for Christmas tree ornaments!), hemp cord, or macramé cord. The ornament size allows for one subject only and there will be variations in the appearance in the wood. 

Processing time takes 4-6 weeks depending on when the reference photo is received.  If you require the painting sooner, please contact me prior to placing the order for a more specific time line. 

Once you have placed your order, please e-mail a quality reference photo of the pet to info@abigailemmertart.com