Ordering Commissioned Paintings

Thank you for your interest in a commissioned oil painting! I’m so happy that you are here and this can be such a fun experience!

I am happy to offer the ability for commissioned paintings of pet, animals, and floral art.  You will find that some listings are available for this; however, if you have a particular size, design, or subject matter that you would like - please reach out!  I am happy to take time to discuss any potential commissions with you! 


Here are a few things to know about the process:

  • All artists have a specific style in their art. Please review my body of work to make sure you enjoy my style and that it is something you want in your home! If there are some “favorites” of my paintings you see, send them my way! It gives me a great feel for your style.
  • Please message me or e-mail me if you aren’t sure about your photo. I will give you my opinion on if it will make a good painting or not. Would you prefer a phone call? I am happy to chat with you, just let me know your preferred method!
  • Payment is due in full before I will begin your painting.
  • I require that you e-mail me your reference photo (if applicable) to info@abigailemmertart.com ; for most pet portraits, I will send you a survey to complete at this time.  It will include information about background color, leaving a collar in, etc.
  • Once I have finished the painting, I will send you a photo (while it is still wet) via our correspondence method we have been using (e-mail, Messenger, text, etc) Please review the painting, within 24 hours, to ensure you are happy with it. I can still make minor adjustments at this time. *Note: after 24 hours, I will no longer be able to change anything in the painting. Your approval of the photograph of the painting will serve as an acceptance of it.
  • Your painting will take about 14 days (sometimes more or less depending on weather and amount of layers on your painting) to dry and then varnish will be applied to it.
  • Once the varnish is dry, your painting is ready to go home!

Commissioned paintings make wonderful gifts and they can fill up quickly as we approach Christmas time.  Allow at least 4-6 weeks for paintings under 12 x 16 inches to be completed. For larger paintings, processing time can be up to 5-7 weeks.  Please note that during the busy season (October to January) commission availability will become more limited and processing times may be longer. Ordering as soon as possible is the best plan to ensure your painting arrives in time! 

If you have concerns about a deadline, please contact us directly. 

Please view some of the available Commissions listings.