About Me



I'm Abigail Emmert (my friends and family call be Abbey, you can too if you would like!) and I am a self-taught, independent artist located in Indianapolis, Indiana. 

With nature as an inspiration and love for all the creatures of our earth,  my artwork is focused on capturing the beautiful beings that we share our world with.  My portfolio consists primarily of original flora and fauna paintings and commissioned pet portraits and floral art. As a vet tech in my former career, painting pet portraits holds a special place in my heart.  If you are interested in learning more about this, please check out my blog post on it here

Throughout 2022, I began teasing out more of my imagination through my art and am excited to begin to offer new artworks which reflect a more whimsical and imaginative side of nature and my story-telling. I love sharing my stories in my weekly e-mail newsletter and hope that you opt to join my community of readers. 

My preferred art medium is oil paint. I also enjoy dabbling in digital art, sketching, and watercolors. I am on this beautiful journey through my creative path and am always excited to try new things and continue to grow.