About Me



I'm Abigail Emmert (my friends and family call be Abbey, you can too if you would like!) and I am a self-taught, independent artist located in Indianapolis, Indiana. 

As a self-taught artist, my art journey began with more realistic artwork.  As my style has evolved and I have tapped into more play with my art, I have unlocked a style of art within me that is whimsical and surreal. My goal as an artist is to spread joy through my artwork and share the stories with collectors. I believe that the joy of art should not be reserved solely for an elite few, but instead, it should be a ticket into a world of imagination accessible by all. It is my hope that each artwork, from a sticker to an original oil painting, serves as a gateway for viewers to explore their own imagination, sparking a sense of childlike wonder and curiosity within their hearts.

Something that I love to say is "less beige, more you". As we journey into adulthood, our experiences often get enveloped in muted tones. While there's an undeniable elegance in simplicity, these subdued hues can fall short of igniting our creative sparks or weaving captivating narratives.  I would like to formally extend an invitation to embark on this enchanting voyage with me, and infuse a touch more of your authentic self into the sanctuary of your home.