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Welcome to Abigail Emmert Art

In my studio, I spend time creating artwork which tells a story. Our homes are our sacred spaces and I want to help you honor that. Join me as we discover the stories that my artwork has to share. Now, more than ever, is the time to honor our homes by no longer collecting "stuff" and start collecting stories.

I appreciate you joining me on this journey as I explore my art and the stories that are waiting to be told through imaginative and illustrative artwork as well through commissioned pet portrait oil paintings.

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Illustrative Artwork

Imagine Artwork with a Story

Imagine Artwork with a Story

Creating artwork that spreads joy and inspires is my goal. After taking 2022 to refine my vision - I am pleased to begin sharing more whimsical artwork with you in 2023!

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Commissioned Pet Portraits

Commissioned Pet Portraits

Pet portrait paintings make an ideal gift and memorial piece. When you submit a photo, we can bring joy with a custom pet portrait of a beloved pet.

Pet portraits include a video of the filmed painting process.


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