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Welcome to Abigail Emmert Art

In my studio, I spend time creating artwork which tells a story. Our homes are our sacred spaces and I want to help you honor that. Join me as we discover the stories that my artwork has to share. Now, more than ever, is the time to honor our homes by no longer collecting "stuff" and start collecting stories.

I appreciate you joining me on this journey as I explore my art and the stories that are waiting to be told through imaginative and illustrative artwork as well through commissioned pet portrait oil paintings.

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Illustrative Artwork

Imagine Artwork with a Story

Imagine Artwork with a Story

As 2022 comes to the end. I am pleased to announce that I have many new artworks coming out that will inspire your home!

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Commissioned Pet Portraits

Commissioned Pet Portraits

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Behind the Easel - Guides & Articles

  • How Did I Start Painting Custom Pet Portraits?

    How Did I Start Painting Custom Pet Portraits?

    The answer to “how did you start painting pet portraits?” is straightforward for me. 

    I love animals.  For as long as I can remember, I have had a passion to make every animal my friend and to nurture and care for them.

    Naturally, the 2nd oil painting that I ever completed was a self-portrait of me holding a ferret. Yup, a “cat-snake” and we were touching noses! During the painting process, I discovered 2 things.  1) I LOVE painting fur 2) I LOVE painting with bright colors

    oil painting of a woman and ferret 

    From 2008 -2022 I practiced veterinary medicine as a registered veterinary technician (think, Veterinary Nurse, the name will change soon enough).


    vet tech holding a puppy

     During this time, I met so many amazing dogs, cats and other pets but even more so, I met their amazing pet parents (owners/hoomans/masters of the kibble).  I met the puppies of these families when they brought them home and I held their hands as they said goodbye to them as old dogs.  Every time, I wanted to offer them something.  I wanted them to have something amazing that sparked joy and love when they remembered their pet.  For a while, I would take ink paw prints and write poems/quotes and gift this to them, but it didn’t seem like enough and I felt like it didn’t spark joyful memories as I wanted. It was a reminder of their last day instead of a reminder of the amazing life they shared together.


    While working as a vet tech, I was quietly painting at home. Painting monsters for my son and beginning to paint my own pets. One day, I decided I would paint a pet for a favorite client that had lost her dog, way too young, to bone cancer. It was a watercolor portrait. Very simple, and at this point, I am sure I would be embarrassed by it. During the time though, I wasn’t. I was proud to offer her something so special during such a sad time.  

    an oil painting of a blue monster work in progress In living room art studio

    This is when I realized, I KNOW animals. I know their features and personalities and I can put that into their paintings.  And with it, I can provide their families with a joyful memory, instead of a sad one of inked paw prints that were collected on the day they said goodbye.


    Today, hundreds of commissioned pet portraits later, I still consider it an honor to paint someone’s beloved pet.  If it is a memorial piece, I am twice as honored that they have trusted me with something so special.

     oil painted schnauzer

    If you are reading this, and you have commissioned a pet portrait painting from me, I want to say “thank you”. Thank you for allowing me to continue to help pets and their families through my art.  It is a privilege and an honor.

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