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The Hen Hat, Fine Art Print

The Hen Hat, Fine Art Print

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 Take part in a whimsical journey with this heartwarming fine art print capturing the adorable Tito the T-rex in "The Hen Hat." The print unfolds the tale of Tito donning a chicken hat in a determined attempt to join the ranks of a feather flock.

Key Features: 🌈 Vibrant Reproduction: Immerse yourself in the vibrant hues of this fine art print, faithfully reproducing the charming details of Tito's comical quest. The colors come to life, preserving the essence of joy and celebration found in the original oil painting.

🌟 Celebration of Individuality: More than just art, this fine art print serves as a reminder and celebration of individuality. Tito's daring attempt to step outside "the box" is a visual ode to embracing uniqueness and finding joy in the unexpected.

Why the “Hen Hat" Fine Art Print: 🖼️ Gallery-Quality Reproduction: Elevate your space with a gallery-quality reproduction that faithfully captures the whimsy of the original oil painting. The fine art print ensures that Tito's comical determination is preserved with precision and detail.

🌟 Heartwarming Décor: Transform your living space with heartwarming décor that sparks joy. "The Hen Hat" is more than a print; it's a conversation starter and a visual tale of determination that resonates with art enthusiasts and whimsy lovers.

🎁 Thoughtful Gift: Share the joy with friends and loved ones. This fine art print makes for a thoughtful and delightful gift, a reminder that celebrating uniqueness is a gift in itself.

print type differences

*Fine Art Prints Pictured*

please note there may be some difference in final product coloring depending on print type choice.

Fine Art Prints:

This type of art print (fine art print) is commonly referred as a giclée art print.  It is printed with archival ink and is considered museum quality. The paper is thicker and has a likeness to watercolor paper.  This print will arrive signed and with a certificate of authenticity. 

Decorative Prints:

This type of art print (decorative art print) is often used for home decor and switched as you change your decor, some refer to this as a "poster print" although it is not traditional "poster" size.  This print will arrive with no signature.

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FINE ART PRINT: signed, 100% cotton rag, archival

DECORATIVE: unsigned, light card stock, satin sheen.


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earth-friendly practices used in packaging

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