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After The Show, Fine Art Print

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After the Show fine art giclee prints are now available!! I am excited to offer this magical horse print in multiple sizes to best suit your space and bring some extra whimsy into your home.  If there is another size that you are looking for, please reach out and we can help you with that. 

The story behind After the Show: 

The magic for the people is when the show is going on, the magic for me is when the show is over. Everyone is leaving. I carefully remove my mask, no longer needed, thankful for it’s service. The air is electric, it pulses.  Strength and courage fill me as my transformation begins. An essence of being grounded and in touch with the earth and so lifted as if I will reach the lights in the sky.  I walk, I gallop, I reach…and I touch the stars.


Print Details: 

After the Show, 2022 (original can be viewed/purchased here)

fine art giclee prints


Behind the Scenes:

"After the Show" began as an idea in my head of a carousel horse whom put all of this makeup on to become something for everyone else. At first, it felt like the horse was making this ultimate sacrifice for the people. My concept was dramatic and sad.  As I painted this horse, it transformed and became a beacon of hope instead of a symbol of sacrifice.  As long days go, it turned into a long night with my husband and I discussing the horse’s story, my story, his story…our story. It became evident that it wasn’t a sacrifice, contrary it was a journey through gratitude and optimism. The horse would fly.


Shipping Information:

To ensure the safe delivery of your print, it is shipped in a sturdy shipping tube and wrapped in protective cellophane. If you prefer your print to be shipped flat, simply make a note in the checkout notes section.

Local delivery is available.


*Print photos are of an 8x10 printed on 11x14 paper*