How to remove an art print from a print tube

How to remove an art print from a print tube

Congratulations on getting that new art print. Or maybe, you have had it for awhile and haven't worked up the courage to take it out of the print tube.  I get it! It's so scary and you never want to rip your new art print via surgical extraction from the shipping tube! :) 


I put together this simple set of tips for removing your new fine art print from your shipping tube! Hopefully, this will give you the freedom to feel much more comfortable having prints shipped to you in the future.

If you prefer a quick video tutorial, check it out here:


Step 1: 

If the print has traveled to the middle of the tube, tap one end on a table until it travels to the end and you can reach it. 

Step 2:

Using one or two fingers, reach in and turn the print in on itself. Like you are trying to make it smaller.  Because you are. 

Step 3: 

While it's smaller from you turning it, gently pull it out of the tube. Voila! 

Step 4: 

The print will be in a roll shape still.  Place it on a firm and flat surface with a heavy object on it.  Be careful to not choose an object that is so heavy, it would indent the paper! 

Step 5:

Hang it up and enjoy! 

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