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Artwork Size Guide

Artwork Size Guide

Commissioning a painting or choosing a piece of artwork is an exciting time.

This guide is to simplify the choice so you can enjoy your experience when purchasing a piece of artwork.

When choosing the size of artwork you want or want to have commissioned it should be about intentionally choosing something that creates an experience when you view it, not about filling a gap on your wall. The experience could be creating an emotion, like joy and passion. It could even be nostalgia, bringing you back to a fleeting moment in time.

 Regardless of your experience from the chosen artwork, finding the “perfect” space for it could feel intimidating. Good thing you are reading this guide! 


Step 1:

Take a walk through your home with fresh eyes. I invite you to evaluate your living space and consider where you enjoy spending your time.

 What emotions does this space invoke in you?  Is it your bedroom which may be more intimate and deeply emotional?  Or what about a playful child's room? Understanding your space and how you want to experience it will help inform your decision when selecting a piece of art.   

Step 2:

The good news is that unlike tattoos, the location you choose for your painting is not permanent. With that said, try not to stress and enjoy the process! This guide is to help you determine what size to order if you are struggling in that decision. Having an idea of the space can help narrow down the size decision.



Step 3:

Measure your space. If it’s on the wall behind a sofa, the couch is going to “steal the viewers eye” unless you have a large painting or a collection of paintings hung as a salon wall. 

Salon Style wall

When choosing artwork as an anchor for the room, the general rule of thumb is to fill two-thirds to three-fourths of the available space. If you are creating a Salon Wall, just have fun with it! Salon Walls are excellent for collections of smaller pieces of work. You can hang artwork on your salon wall of different sizes or choose for them all to be the same size. It’s your home and your sacred space, do what feels good to you.


Another bit of advice, artwork looks great ‘leaning’! Don’t feel backed up against a wall, instead, check out some of your shelving spaces or even your mantle!



 Leaning artwork on shelves allows you to still view the artwork without committing with holes in the walls.


If you have an ideal size in mind now, and I don’t have it listed, don’t fret!  Often times, I can order a specific size or have something custom made.  So send me a message and we can discuss that option further.


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