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Morph is an oil painting about a Madagascar moon moth who chose to be what it was always meant to be.  

We all have parts of ourselves that are locked away through coercion, compulsion, or the sheer pressure to conform.  Morph is an encouragement to embrace the space around us, to unlock our undiscovered selves.

A bit about the creation of Morph:

Creating Morph was a time intensive process which began digitally by mapping out how to warp the moth to appear as if it were wrapped around an object.  Once I felt like I achieved that appearance, I set the project aside for months! I am so glad that I finally had the courage to create this painting and I am in love with every bit of it.  From the wrapped appearance to the color palette of teals and golden rod yellows, you are sure to find peace with this in your home!


Measurements: Ellipse, 10 x 14 on birch wood