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Masked is such a meaningful painting to me. It comes from my personal collection because of it's meaning to me. 

I actually this painting the first time in 2014.  It wasn't great, but I hung it proudly in my home.  This was the first human face (besides my own) that I ever painted.  I was proud! 

In 2018, I stared at it and I knew I could do better.  So, I did.  I painted over the ENTIRE painting with additional layers and applied everything that I had been teaching myself.  The "after" was so impressive and I am still so proud of what I put into this painting.  

The name, Masked,  is the irony. What is underneath is a painting from 4 years prior to what you see! 

Masked, 2014 & 2018

Oil on stretched canvas

16 x 20