Abigail Emmert Art

Magnificent Orange Moth

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Step into nature, adopt a moth!

Ready to add a bit of spring to your home all year long?  This moth is adorned in beautiful yellows and oranges and looks like it could just fly off of the wood panel! Good thing it won't, because a real moth in your home is up to no good! 

Decoration Tips:

The painting would pair well with any other floral/nature art and décor.  The moth would look magnificent also with some greenery around, it would really make those oranges pop! 

The details:

This moth has been hand painted using oil paint on a walnut wood panel. The panel is equipped with a keyhole on the back for easy hanging. The panel measures 6 inches x 4.24 inches and is 3/4 inch depth.  This painting is ready to ship immediately.