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Cotton Candy Tree Print

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Cotton Candy Tree print is a fan favorite! With this fine art print hanging in your home, you are transported into a whimsical world of magic.  In this world, the sky is the most beautiful blues and lavenders and the grass reaches up to tickle your legs.  The trees...oh the trees. They are the most magnificent part!  The trees are made of the softest cotton candy!

Ready to go on an adventure?  It all can start once you have this print in your hands!   


Shipping Details:

Packaged in a protective cellophane wrap and shipped in a sturdy tube, this print will be delivered to you in perfect condition. If you prefer, you can request to have it shipped flat by simply noting it in the checkout's notes section.

Pictured Frame: 11x14 white wooden frame matted to 8x10 print

Source: Original Painting, Cotton Candy Tree (2020)