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Birds Memo Pad, Limited Edition Earth Day Collection

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Introducing the Earth Day Collection Memo Pad by Abigail Emmert Art! This beautifully illustrated memo pad features a charming potted sapling in the bottom left corner, accompanied by a singing blue bird and its friend on a branch in the upper right corner. Measuring at a convenient 3.25 x 8 inches, this memo pad is perfect for all your note-taking needs.

Printed on premium 90 gsm paper, this memo pad offers a luxurious writing experience with smooth, high-quality pages that are a joy to write on. The lined pages make it easy to keep your lists organized and your thoughts in order, making this memo pad both functional and visually appealing.

With 50 pages and a sturdy cardboard backing, this memo pad is designed for durability and stability, making it perfect for everyday use. The exquisite illustrations are all created by Abigail Emmert, making this memo pad a unique piece of art that will add a touch of beauty to your everyday life.

Whether you're jotting down notes, making lists, or simply indulging in some creative writing, this Earth Day Collection Memo Pad is a must-have for nature lovers and art enthusiasts alike. Add a touch of artistic flair to your writing with this stunning memo pad that celebrates the beauty of nature in every page!