Abigail Emmert Art

A Gardener's Friend

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Enter the world of nature with this stunning artwork. Immersed in gardening, I often hear buzzing around me as the bees fly past, pollinating flowers with their fuzzy little bodies and legs. To pay homage to these hardworking bees, I have captured their essence in a beautiful oil painting.

Experience the joy of nature in your home with this breathtaking hexagon oil painting. Its creation was a delightful process that I enjoyed so much that I even updated it in 2023. If you want to see the transformation for yourself, click here to view the painting's makeover.

The Details:

Original Oil Painting, 2021

Updated Painting, 2023

Size: 6" hexagon

 Material: Trekell keyholed Birch Wood panel, 1/2"  thickness.