Abigail Emmert Art

Colorful Chameleon

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Creeping in the canopy or hanging in your home? How do you take your Chameleons?

However you like them, you may find that this dude painted on a 5 inch circle panel is ready to enter your home! Not into the scales and slimes? That's OK! This Chameleon would make the perfect gift for the reptile lover in your life! 

How to display?

The keyhole on the back of this panel makes it easy to hang around in just about any spot! With the bright blues and yellows on this guy, he is sure to make a wonderful accent piece amongst any household décor. 

The Details:

Colorful veiled chameleon is hand painted on 5 inch walnut wood circle panel using quality oil paint.  The panel has a keyhole in the back for easy wall hanging and beveled edges to create a finished look.