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Commissioned Floral Art

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This was a commissioned piece from a collector in 2021.  She requested a lot of symbolic elements in this artwork from specific flowers, butterfly quantity and their colors, the birds and which ribbon they carried.  Outside of that, she left the design and composition to me.  

Designing this piece was a challenge, I needed to incorporate flowers that didn't usually grow together in a space -which is why I opted for the bouquet.  After approval of the design, I got to work!  I approached this painting subject by subject.  This means that I would complete, or almost complete, a subject before I moved onto the next.  I find this approach to be especially helpful when painting floral because I can get lost in the petals so easily! 


If you are interested in having something like this painted for yourself, please reach out to me directly so we can discuss it in more detail.  info@abigailemmertart.com

Commissioned Painting, NFS

October 2021

Oil on cradled wood panel

 12 x 16 inches