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Flower Bouquet Commissioned Art

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Getting married? Celebrating a wedding anniversary? 

Finding a way to preserve your wedding bouquet can be tricky.  Drying them doesn't allow the color and shape to hold leading many brides to "toss the bouquet"...in the trash! 

With a quality reference photo of your bouquet, I will paint a portion of your bouquet on a 6" or 8" wooden circle panel. The panel has a "keyhole" cut into the back so you can display your bouquet proudly in your home. If you would prefer the bouquet to be painted on a square or rectangle, no problem! Just let me know and we will get you taken care of! 


Once you have completed your purchase, please submit reference photos via e-mail to info@abigailemmertart.com . Flower bouquets can be tricky so feel free to send a few photos! If your photo is "pre digital age", please scan in it instead of taking a photo of the photograph. This will provide a much better image for me to use!